Parents (and grandparents!) play a huge role in the success of SSBC.

They help to lead and shape the programme..

Parent Champions are key members of our Strategic Programme Board. Many more parents come along to our Community Connections Board and our local Community Partnerships, getting involved with a wide range of things – interviewing potential new members of staff, helping to plan and design new children’s activities for the community, organising community events, and lots more.

They help to run groups and activities..

Local parents and grandparents help out in many SSBC groups that take place in the community, ensuring that things run smoothly and families feel welcome.

Some of our activities are delivered by a new paid workforce who are local people with lived experience of parenting.

They help to spread the word..

The best way for local families to hear about the free groups and activities available from SSBC is from other local families.  Many local parents and community groups help us by sharing information about our activities.

They help to develop and test new ideas through our Ideas Fund..

Every year SSBC has an Ideas Fund totalling £50,000 which supports local people to unleash their creativity and develop new ideas to give every child the best start in life.