There are lots of ways to get involved in shaping the programme – whether you have lots of time to help us give every child the best start in life or you just want to help out now and again, we’d love to hear from you.

Parent Champions – represent families from their community at key meetings and events in the area, influencing decision makers, championing our work and shaping SSBC services.   Ideally, parent champions are expectant parents or parents, grand-parents or primary carers of a child aged less than 4 years old.

A Parent Champion can expect to spend between 7 – 21 hours per month on a range of different SSBC activities, for example attending meetings (some are informal, some much more formal).  For many of these activities, free crèche places will be available during the time you are in meetings etc.

We provide all the materials, training and support that you need.

Parent Ambassadors – play a key role in helping to raise awareness and understanding of SSBC across our communities.  There’s no fixed time commitment needed – you can help out with as much or as little as you’d like to.  Opportunities to help out include shaping our services, helping with recruiting SSBC staff, attending events to tell people about SSBC, reviewing applications for funding made through our Innovation Fund and much more. 

We provide all the materials, training and support that you need. And for many of the activities, we can provide free crèche places for your little one.

Contact our team on the below if you would like to find out more.

0115 883 6741 

What’s it like being an SSBC Parent Champion?

‘I’ve been involved in almost everything – designing services, recruiting staff.  I have enjoyed helping to design ‘Cook & Play’ and also ‘Bump, Birth and Baby’.  We’ve been heavily involved in all aspects of design down to choosing the names for projects and deciding if crèches are needed’.  Steph from Bulwell

‘It’s a fantastic way to become involved with your community and acquire new skills. I thoroughly enjoy all my work with SSBC and intend to continue’.  Amanda from Aspley

What’s it like being an SSBC Parent Ambassador?

‘I wanted to be involved mainly for the community.  I wanted to put my view and other people’s views across and change things for the better’ . Natalie from St Ann's

‘Volunteering gave me a purpose and helped me meet people that soon became my friends’ .  Cristina from St Ann’s