Triple P: your positive parenting toolkit

Raise confident, happy children and build stronger family relationships. 
Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme) is FREE for all parents living in Nottingham City who have children aged 0-19.



Most of the time parenting is fun, but sometimes it can be hard work. That's why Triple P was designed with all parents in mind.

Who is Triple  P for?

Triple P is for all parents - because we all face similar challenges.

  • Does your toddler have tantrums in the supermarket?
  • Are they a fussy eater, or do they cry after being put to bed?
  • Does your teenager refuse to listen or follow instructions?
  • Are they getting in trouble at school or not doing their homework?
  • Is their behaviour affecting your family life?

Triple P is proven to help mums and dads who want to improve their child’s behaviour.

What will you do?

With Triple P, you can:

  1. Talk about your child’s behaviour and its impact on family life.
  2. Learn simple and practical parenting tips.
  3. Find out how to use the tips to suit the needs of your family.
  4. Set achievable goals.
  5. Build a parenting toolkit for the future.

Triple P is all about choice

You choose the topics that you want to discuss. You choose the level that’s right for you:

One-to-one sessions

Meet a Triple P coach anywhere, including at home. You can choose to have 1-4 sessions and focus on specific issues of your child’s behaviour. You’ll take away a tip sheet full of ideas to continue to use at home.

Discussion groups

Meet with a small group of other mums and dads for an informal group discussion. You will get practical advice for tackling specific behaviour. Groups cover four common topics - you can choose any that apply to you:

  • Hassle-free shopping
  • Managing fighting and aggression
  • Developing good bedtime routines
  • Dealing with disobedience.
 8 week group course

Meet with other mums and dads to get practical advice about common parenting challenges. Set goals for your family and develop your own parenting plan.

At the end of your session, you’ll  also get a tip sheet or workbook to take home.

All sessions and groups are FREE for families living in Nottingham City with children aged 0-19.

Find out more

  • If you live in an SSBC area (Aspley, Bulwell, St Anns, Hyson Green & Arboretum) and your child is aged 0-4, contact your local Family Mentor team:  0115 883 6720
  • If you live outside of the SSBC areas and your child is aged 0-19, contact Early Help service: 0115 876 3343 or email

Triple P is an international programme. Find out more about how Triple P has helped thousands of families around the world.


"The group is about positive reinforcement that enables parents to make those small steps to making big changes.  I am really passionate about running this group.  Being able to congratulate parents on their achievements that they didn’t think possible.  It’s really great to see such positive results." - Family Mentor