Family Mentor Service: invitation to tender

We are recommissioning our Family Mentor Service in Aspley and Bulwell.

Over the last five years, our amazing teams of Family Mentors have been delivering Small Steps At Home  and a range of activities to families in Aspley, Bulwell, Hyson Green & Arboretum, and St Ann’s. Their hard work means that Small Steps At Home has benefited over 1,878 children! *

* Number of children whose parent/s had a Family Mentor between September 2015 and July 2019.

We’re incredibly proud of what our Family Mentors have achieved in the last five years. Now we're moving to the next stage of our SSBC plan and as part of this we’re going live with our tender to recommission the service in Aspley and Bulwell.

Are you interested in leading our Family Mentors and helping us to make a real difference to the lives of Nottingham’s children? We’re inviting organisations in Nottingham to bid for the Family Mentor Service contracts for Aspley and/or Bulwell.

 The deadline to bid is: 6th April 2020

If you have any questions, please contact David Bailey:

Want to find out more about this opportunity? We are hosting an information event on Thursday 12th March 2020. It’s your opportunity to ask us any questions about SSBC, the Family Mentor Service contracts, and process of bidding. To attend the information event, you must register your interest via the links above.

The information event will start at 9.30am, and take place at the SSBC offices at Nottingham Community and Voluntary Centre (7 Mansfield Road NG1 3FB).

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