Join SoJo on SSBC TV - crafts, music, dance, and lots of puppets, made especially by SSBC for our local families

We've launched SSBC TV with an interactive video series for 0-4s!

During the COVID19 lockdown, we've had to think outside of the box to provide our local families with fun and educational activities to do at home.

We knew that cancelling groups would not only impact children’s  social development, but also add additional pressure to caregivers needing to focus on learning through play at home.

Enter... SoJo!

SoJo is a Nottingham-based artist - we got to know her when she led activities at our local events.  We love her child-led creativity and she's the perfect person to produce our video series for little ones during lockdown.

Each epsiode in the series includes stories, songs, low-cost craft ideas, animations - and lots of puppets!

We've had some fantastic feedback from families enjoying the series.

‘Now we are doing magic so that bear will come to life. We loved it and will be making puppets tomorrow!’ - Mummy & Jake, Aspley

‘Evelyn absolutely loved this and made her very own 3 little pigs scene this morning. Thank you so much!’ - Cllr Chantal Lee, St Ann’s

Catch up with every episode on SSBC TV.

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