Small Steps Big Changes is a citywide partnership, delivering a programme of evidence based activities designed to give every child the best start in life.  The programme aims to deliver to 3 child development outcomes:

  • SSBC children will have healthy and positive Social and Emotional Development.
  • SSBC children will have effective and age-appropriate Communication and Language skills.
  • SSBC children will have good Nutrition.

All activities we deliver are free and universally available to all families living within the council ward areas of Aspley, Bulwell, Hyson Green and Arboretum, and St Ann’s who are expecting a baby or who have a child under the age of 4.   This means that there is no need to make a ‘referral’ for any of our groups and activities although of course you are very welcome to recommend our groups and activities to families that you work with who live within our wards and who are expecting a baby or have a child below the age of 4.

You can check if a family lives in one of our ward areas here:

If you think one of the families you are working with should have access to the activities that we automatically offer (for example, Small Steps at Home or the Imagination Library), please call us on 0115 8836736.