To suit your role and the time you have available, there are lots of different ways to get involved in the programme. For example, you may want to participate in:

  • Community Partnerships – bringing together people who both recieve and deliver services in order to help shape and design them will ultimately lead to those services being better and more impactful, as well as ensuring we use local expertise to support effective delivery
  • Service design – Using your specific expertise and knowledge of working with families to ensure that all activities are evidence based and will fit in a local context with communities and are streamlined with working processes
  • Expert reference groups – We'd like to develop an informal group of advisors and champions to help us develop our thinking, promote SSBC and put us at the centre of developments for positive childhood development
  • Recruitment – Help us to make sure that we choose the best people we possibly can to make sure we all deliver good outcomes for children

If you’d like to get more involved please contact SSBC on 0115 8836741 or 0115 8836742 or email:  or speak to your manager.