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equipped2succeed programmes are designed to enable individuals to develop the tools and capabilities that it takes to succeed, thrive, and maintain their well-being - both physical and mental.

Over ten weeks you will work through sessions covering:  

  • Being equipped2succeed
  • Using Your Amazing Winning Brain
  • Being Positive – The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Confident ME
  • Maintain Wellbeing (Diet-Exercise-Attitude-Rest)
  • Always Learning – Building my Growth Mindset
  • Building Relationships – bringing out the best in myself and others
  • The Power of GOALS – Dream > Goals > Belief > Focus > Action
  • Managing Stress (better)
  • My Values – How I can contribute 

What's included:

  • FREE creche *subject to each individual programme*
  • Refreshments
  • Public transport reimbursement 

Equipped2succeed programmes are the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, focus on your self-development and make friends for life!

'Since completely the equipped2uscceed course I have clearer self-awareness of my strengths, limits, and passions. The programme made me realise that my goals aren't merely just dreams but they are in fact a future reality.'

equipped2succeed participant - Queens Walk 2022


Contact us to confirm (St Ann's)


Contact us to confirm (Hyson Green & Arboretum)


Booking information

For parents with children under 4 years old.

To book:

call 07790 944878

email [email protected] 

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