Small Steps at Home

For all new families, Small Steps at Home is a new programme of home visits, offering time just for you and your family in the privacy of your own home.  Starting at around 20 weeks of pregnancy, each visit focusses on a range of topics, which change as your baby grows. 


There are extra topics you can choose if you want more information and to help you tailor the discussion to best suit your family. Small Steps at Home is run by local community organisations and delivered by people who have lived experience of parenting and have been trained to offer tips and suggestions that can help any new parent give their child the best start in life. If you have a new baby or are expecting one soon and you live in the council wards of Arboretum, Aspley, Bulwell or St Ann’s, you should be contacted by SSBC to tell you more.  If you haven’t heard from us and you’d like more information about this free offer, please contact us on or call 0115 8836736.