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An activity for both parent and child to enjoy. You will share music and watch your little one progress whilst joining in with the fun.

An all-singing,  all-dancing, and instruments playing session along to the music.

Boogie Mites will provide a great opportunity for parents to:
•    bond with their child 
•    meet other parents 
•    get ideas for music and play at home

Parents will also learn how music-making supports their child's development, gaining confidence and resources to try at home.  

Children love the opportunity to develop their self-expression in the creative and relaxed environment that Boogie Mites provides.

The songs, child-friendly themes and a wide range of props mean that all children will find something to engage with.

Music & Movement programme for a 6 weeks course.

Narrowing The Attainment Gap With Music!

Narrowing The Attainment Gap With Music!

A friendly and supportive environment with songs from different cultures.

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