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Meet SoJo & her friends

They will help your little ones with fun and educational activities to do at home.

SoJo is a Nottingham-based artist - we got to know her when she led activities at our local events.  We love her child-led creativity and she's the perfect person to produce our video series for little ones.

Each episode in the series includes stories, songs, low-cost craft ideas, animations - and lots of puppets!

SoJo and her friends talk to the 'shoe of wisdom' to get some super fun craft ideas! Go get some pens and paper to draw along and create your own little piggies. Then stand up and get ready to jiggle & wiggle to 'incy wincy spider'. 

It's time to magic teddy alive. Go grab your teddy and try it too! Then jump up and get ready for an extra special SSBC 'wheels on the bus' sing-along. The fun doesn't end there it's time for sock puppets and 'the tortoise and the hare'. 

Sing to your flowers to help them to grow. SoJo's flower looks like something that belongs in a jungle. We know the best song for it too, 'Down in the Jungle'. Watch as she turns peddles and stones into Goldilocks and the three bears and listen to the story.

Turn things around your house into instruments. Do you have a big box or can you make a pretend boat using cushions or blankets? Then join in with a sing-along 'Row your Boat'. Next we'll make shadow puppets to use for the story, 'The 3 Billy Goats Gruff'.

SSBC turns 5! SoJo and her teddy friends have an extra special birthday planned for him, would you like to join in? Go get your teddies to join the fun. It's time to make party hats and sing a brand new birthday song! 

Time for gifts. SSBC opens his magical colour changing party hat! SoJo heads over to the kitchen to make a tasty chocolate birthday cake but she doesn't have any eggs. Where will she find one? An elephant, a pig, a dog...

SoJo shows Alfonso her morning routine, a yawn, a stretch and then she brushes her teeth. Alfonso has never brushed his teeth before and he has pretty big teeth! Go get your toothbrushes and copy them as they 'tickle their teeth'. 

Alfonso is back with his shiny clean teeth! As a special treat SoJo is going to write a story for him with some lovely pictures. 'Daddy, can I brush my teeth?' is a story about a little girl called Naomi, her dad, her baby brother and her pet fish Guppy. 

There's a party in my tummy. Fruits and veggies sing and dance and tell you all about why they're good for you! SoJo wonders what are the best healthy snacks to eat on the go and give you energy for playing...Charlotte Chef gives the best advice. 

A super fun and friendly animation to help the little ones understand face masks. SoJo and Poley talk face masks and coronavirus with their friends. 

SoJo meets Bob's baby today. Did you know babies love to talk? Go get your teddy and she'll show you how to have a lovely chat. Then join in with the singalong with the actions too! 

SoJo and her friends tell us all about starting nursery today. Let's explore a day there and see what fun we can have. Then let's Wind the Bobbin up together!

Join SoJo and her friends as they make funny sounds and copy each other. What will they see when they press the magic button today? Let's build a spaceship and visit the moon together. We can sing songs and find shapes in the stars.

Thunk of the Day

Lulu age 4 - The Aliens 

Logan age 3 - Mummy, You're The Best

Just Jake age 4 - The Sun And The Moon

Tristan-Raine age 5 - Then It Sprouts

Luca age 3 - Numbers

Mimi age 3 - So so so

Lucia age 4 - Balloon

Mia age 3 - Bug

Mr Snugglesworth and Jelly

Hide and seet

Emily's favourite year

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