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Recently two of the amazing Ideas Fund projects teamed up to give families a fantastic outdoor experience.

New Shoots. A child-centred outdoor space where children and parents can play, learn and have fun together. With creative activities to get stuck into finishing with singing and popcorn cooked around the campfire.

Learning to Love Books. Supports parents/carers to love books with their children from an early age through storytelling activities. 

During the pandemic, many groups and activities were cancelled or took place via online platforms. This was a great option however after some time families began to struggle with the lack of human connection and fresh air!

So, the opportunity to attend the St Ann’s Community Orchard for a New Shoot session alongside the Learning to Love Books team presented itself perfectly.

Families enjoyed the outdoor setting, exploring the orchard whilst singing songs and telling stories snuggled by the campfire with a hot chocolate.

The event helped to raise awareness of both projects and introduce families to a wonderful outdoor space they’d never been to before – right on their doorstep.

“We have always wanted to go to St Ann’s Orchard and it was lovely to be able to look around”

“The children had a lovely time, it was a really good idea”

“I didn’t realise this was here before the session”

Both projects plan to team up again this year and bring the community more opportunities to have fun, meet new people and explore the outdoors!

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More about Learning to Love Books

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