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Every 10 minutes a child in England is admitted to hospital to have a rotten tooth removed. Tooth decay can start very early and cause pain, affect eating and cause sleepless nights. These could all result in lost days at nursery, school and work.

A trip to the dentist together helps to embed regular dental visits in family life. Regular visits will give children the opportunity to become accustomed to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental practice. This will help them to feel more comfortable and confident for future visits.

This campaign aims to address and tackle the local oral health inequalities by promoting regular dental attendance.

Our objectives:

1.    To increase the number of families accessing local dental services.
2.    Enable services to encourage and support families to access local dental services.
3.    Access useful activities to support families to access NHS dental services.
4.    Feel confident to promote the importance of regular dental access to families.

We’ll be using the campaign materials during Smile Month (16th May).

For additional oral health support and information:
0115 876 0136 
[email protected]

Working in partnership with the NHS Oral Health Promotion Team (our local toothfairies) we’ve produced a media toolkit to help you run a campaign to encourage families to visit the dentist as early as possible.

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