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In the earliest years, infants experience the world through their primary caregivers. These important, sensitive and nurturing interactions teach us that the world is a safe space, where our needs are understood and met. These positive experiences are central to the parent-infant relationship, and our developing attachment style goes on to inform other important relationships in our lives.

Some families will experience challenges in the parent-infant relationship for a number of reasons, which are considered throughout the workshop.

Baby brain development is closely linked to attachment, as attachment styles are instrumental in determining how a baby’s brain organises itself. The baby brain is developing at an astonishing rate, with neural connections being made and pruned.

In this session, we revisit Attachment Theory and baby brain development with the most up-to-date evidence and consider the ways in which we can develop a shared language across Nottingham City and a shared knowledge to promote positive parent-infant relationships and secure attachment in our own roles and services.

•       To gain an awareness of the relationship between attachment and baby brain development and strategies to support families
•       Develop a shared understanding of Attachment Theory, attachment styles and principles
•       Develop a basic understanding of baby brain development 
•       Understand the relationship between attachment and baby brain development 

Once you have completed this workshop you are eligible to attend the Parent Infant Relationship Toolkit session. This practical workshop builds on this session and supports colleagues to develop a shared practical skill set with access to tools which support direct work with families. Each participant leaves with a toolkit to take into practice.

Upcoming Dates

All sessions are 9.30 - 12 via MS Teams

  • 14th March 24

To book a place email: [email protected] 

(NCC staff can book via the Learning Zone)

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