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This workshop builds on learning from the work being done locally to develop trauma-informed practice approaches. Prior to attending this workshop, a broader understanding of trauma-informed practice would be beneficial but is not essential. This workshop specifically considers trauma-informed practice approaches in the context of working with families with infants and supports practitioners to increase their understanding of infant emotional wellbeing and distress presentations.  

•       To develop a greater understanding of trauma-informed practice in the context of working with families with infants
•       Develop an understanding of the impact of historic and current trauma on families with infants
•       Develop an understanding of infant mental health and factors which may indicate infant distress
•       Consider trauma-informed approaches that can be applied to practice 

Upcoming Dates

All sessions are 9.30 - 12 via MS Teams

  • 19th March 24

To book a place email: [email protected] 

(NCC staff can book via the Learning Zone)

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