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Tummy Time helps:

Tummy Time helps:

•    Promote emotional bonds
•    Encourage language development 
•    Build baby’s brains 
•    Babies stay active through play

Tummy Time also helps babies:

  • Learn how to solve problems (how can I grasp that toy?)
  • Learn how to deal with their frustrations (it’s just out of reach - what if I push with my feet?)
  • Ask for help
  • Develop their sense of distance (how near or far away is that toy?)

Tummy Time

More about Tummy Time

More about Tummy Time

Skin to skin contact is a great way to start tummy time with very young babies. Sit or lie, leaning back and start ‘chatting’. Babies love faces, so make sure they can see yours clearly.

Get down on the floor with them - they’ll feel safer knowing you are there. Tummy Time must always be supervised.

If it’s warm enough, leave your baby in a vest so they can move freely  – a bit of naked tummy time when changing a nappy might be nice too.

Try rolling a towel or their favourite blanket under their arms to help them lift their head and stretch their tummy muscles when on the floor.

Talk, sing and smile with your baby. You could use simple toys and everyday objects to get their attention. Try changing where you are to get them moving their head from side to side.

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