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Breast milk is the healthiest choice* for your baby. 

Breastfeeding can be demanding for your baby’s mother both physically and emotionally in the early days. You can help to make this a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.  

Why is it so important that you are involved in breastfeeding?

  • You are one of the first people your baby’s mother will turn to for support. Without support, your baby’s mother is more likely to give up breastfeeding. Your help is important.
  • Your newborn baby will eat and sleep more than anything else in those first few months. Supporting with feeding will help you to bond.
  • You will receive lots of advice about breastfeeding from different healthcare professionals. You should be part of all of those conversations. 
  • Breastfeeding doesn’t suit everybody. Making a decision to stop together will help with any potential guilty feelings.

Remember your midwife and health visitor are available to support you and your baby’s mother. If you have any concerns, please contact your local team for support.

*Unless you have been told otherwise by a medical professional

Breastfeeding is part of everyday life

Some people find it difficult or scary to feed their baby when they're out the house.

In this video, Nottingham mums and dads talk about why breastfeeding in public is nothing to worry about.

How can you help with breastfeeding?

  • Encourage your baby’s mother to have lots of skin to skin contact
  • Let your baby’s mother take naps whilst you spend time with the baby 
  • Make sure she has drinks, snacks and meals 
  • Take charge with the household chores 
  • If your baby’s mother is expressing breast milk, you can bottle-feed
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Breastfeeding videos

Breastfeeding videos

Best Beginnings has lots of videos to help you with your breastfeeding journey. 

  • Preparing for birth
  • Skin to skin and first feed
  • Early days and weeks
  • Attaching to the breast
  • And much more! 

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy and it can be stressful when it doesn’t go right. 

Sometimes, medical issues can make breastfeeding difficult but you should continue with the journey. 

Remember your midwife and health visitor are available to support you and your baby’s mother. If you suspect a problem, please contact your local team for support.

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