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Helping mums and dads in local communities share their experience of parenting

Helping mums and dads in local communities share their experience of parenting

Adapting to life with a new baby is a challenge. 
Whether it’s feeding, sleeping, or teething, we could all do with some friendly support sometimes. SSBC’s Family Mentors are here to do exactly that.

Family Mentors are available through a number of services in Nottingham such as your Health Visitor, Midwife, Pregnancy Mentor or Family Hub worker.  Family Mentors are available for families where a little extra support may prove helpful, if you think this is you then please speak with your health professional in the first instance so they can decide if the help we can provide is suitable.

This service is FREE.                                                                                                                                                                                    

What is a Family Mentor?

Family Mentors are parents or grandparents – just like you.

They can give advice and support on lots of different topics, including:

Family Mentors are not just for mums! They can support the whole family adapt to life with a new baby. Their advice is based on the latest evidence in child development.

Family Mentors also run free groups and activities in your area, including Baby Massage and Cook & Play.

“My son loves our Family Mentor dearly. My son's overall development is amazing and that is because of her support. She was not only a Family Mentor but a friend, and such an amazing listener. Her visits were incredibly useful for me. I cannot thank her enough for listening and being there for me. ”

Ravnita, Bulwell

“It has been amazing having a Family Mentor and sharing the first 4 years of my child’s life with her - the good the bad and the hilarious. Knowing I could ask her anything without her judging me has been great. She has given me some amazing tools and tips to being a fantastic parent that will help me in years to come. Thank you! ”

Amanda, Aspley

“I thought at first that I didn't need a Family Mentor - but I've found out that you can always learn new things. It's really satisfying to hear that I’m not the only one that struggles sometimes. It was nice to have my Family Mentor's reassurance.”

Stanislava, Aspley

Get a Family Mentor

You can get a Family mentor if:

  • Your child is under 3 months
  • You live in Nottingham
  • You have a referral from one of many practitioners working in Nottingham such as Health Visitors, Pregnancy Mentors or your Midwife 
Get a Family Mentor

“Parents tell us the things they love most about having a Family Mentor are having someone who will listen and be there for them, and being given the best information at the time when they most need it.”

Lorraine, Bulwell Family Mentor Manager

“My Family Mentor is amazing. She's been extremely supportive, professional and kind. She's been there whenever I needed to vent, or needed support. She has been my guide through raising my kids and has helped me in ways that I can’t even put into words. I have gained so much confidence through her. Thank you SSBC.”

Pearl, Aspley

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