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Why is it needed in Nottingham?

In Nottingham City in 2019:

  • 18% of children did not achieve the expected level in Personal, Social and Emotional development within Early Years Foundation Stage Profile
  • 470 in 10,000 children were considered ‘children in need’.

(Source: Local Authority)


Triple P is recognised as one of the most effective parenting programmes in the world.

It gives families the skills and confidence to support their child’s social, emotional and behavioural development.

SSBC has funded City-wide co-delivery of Triple P. It is now available to all families with children aged 0-19 and living in Nottingham City.

Dad and child playing with foam
Man, woman, and child play on bed

Who is it for?

Triple P is available to all families with children aged 0-19 and living in Nottingham City.

Project Partners

Triple P is delivered by trained practitioners from:

  • SSBC Family Mentor teams
  • Nottingham City Council

The aims of our partnership approach are to: 

  • Increase provision for Triple P Positive Parenting Programme across Nottingham City.
  • Improve parenting support.
  • Improve parenting skill & confidence.
  • Improve outcomes and life chances for children.
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How will we know if it has been successful?

As a result of our partnership approach to co-delivery, we hope to see:

  • An increased number of workforce trained and delivering Triple P.
  • An increased number of parents attending sessions.


A number of workforce in Nottingham City are now trained Triple P practitioners:

  • SSBC Family Mentors
  • Nottingham City Early Help
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Family Mentor Hub Coordinator

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