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Play is great for learning, brain development and building close relationships.

Fathers play can be very different from mothers play. Fathers tend to encourage their children to explore their surroundings. Showing the baby what's outside of the window or hiding things around the home.

These adventures together are great for building their confidence and resilience. They will help with future challenges such as starting school.

As a father, you are likely to encourage your child to take safe and controlled risks such as; touching the top of the climbing frame, swinging upside down on the monkey bars, biking downhill really fast – this is sometimes called ‘rough and tumble play’.

Taking part in these scary activities builds confidence by encouraging them to overcome fears and promotes problem solving skills. 

Here are some ways to encourage your child’s learning:

  • Explore toys together and follow their lead

  • Try new things, like imaginative play 

  • Sing songs and read stories 

  • Play games like 'peek-a-boo' and 'round and round the garden' 

SSBC has lots of ideas to help you to play at home and free groups for you to join!

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